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Lauzetian Collection


The dwellings belonging to this collection are united by the love for beauty, details, nature and the uniqueness of the sensations that these places convey to their guests. 


The owners of these dwellings wish to make available to its guests these experiences.

The work of conservation, maintenance and continuous improvement is enjoyed by a lot people and families that share the passion for beauty, nature and sustainability.


The residences are located in two wonderful places in Italy.

The first one (IL ROSETO) is located on the hills of Monferrato a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014, while the second one (VILLA GIOMOA) is on Elba Island in Tuscany, positioned on the beachfront, few meters from the sandy beach and protected by a spacious tropical garden.


The Villas offer two different experiences but share the style and the passion with which these two houses welcome their guests.


Both villas have been designed to make guests feel at ease allowing them to create long lasting memories in dwellings they can consider as their personal vacation homes to come back to in various times of the year, like a family tradition.


Our guests have the personal support of our passionate villas' manager who are always ready to resolve any problem or to give a support for any request.


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